Top 10 Vampire Characters You Can Impersonate With Blood Red Contact Lenses

Halloween is coming faster than we expect. We all want to be the center of attention or to win our company’s employee engagement programs. If that’s the case, then we should be ready with our vampire dress up and use blood-red contact lenses to win the crowd. If you don’t have any idea yet, here are the top 10 vampire characters that you can impersonate with blood-red contact lenses.

1. JiroMuchizuki – He is the protagonist of Black Blood Brothers. Jiro is a thousand years old vampire who competes with the Kowloon Children during the Kowloon Shock as he chose to fight for the humans. He has long black hair and black eyes but every time he gets angry, his eyes turn into blood red. Other vampires chose to prey on human but Jiro is different. He is even in love with a lady named MimikoKatsuragi.

2. Edward Cullen – We all know that Edward has golden eyes in the movie Twilight but to turn some heads around, why not make an Edward Cullen who has red eyes because he ate human blood like the Volturi? It will make people wonder if Edward really tried human blood.

3. Rayne the damphir from Blood Rayne – This amazing woman is a half breed of a human and a vampire which makes her be called as the damphir. If you want to look cool while maintaining your sexy appearance, then Rayne would be the best fit for you.

4. Bella Swan – She is always on the top ten and would never go down. This epic character depicts the strong personality of a woman when it comes to love and trial. You would love this look if you are into the Twilight series. Get more Interesting details about red contact lenses on this site.

5. Dracula – Of course, who doesn’t know this all-time vampire character? If you want to make people tremble in fear, just wear a black cape, a bow and tie, fake fangs and red eyes. You are then all set to be this never-fading character.

6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Its everything there is to say. One catch is that he loves to suck blood on his bad hair day.

7. Elena Gilbert – This sweet lady from the Vampire Diaries can make the day turn brighter. You can dress her on blood-red eyes and you will not disappoint the crowd.

8. Caroline Elizabeth Forbes – Let us not forget Elena and Bonnie Bennett’s best friend. You can go to the party together with your friends. That would be vampire squad goals.

9. Alaric Saltzman – who wants to be a hot teacher and then come to town just for the purpose of avenging his wife until his destiny doesn’t go as planned? If you want to show off your masculine look, then be Alaric and do him justice.

10. Elizabeth Báthory – She is the most memorable vampire of all time. This woman is a countess from Hungary, born in the most powerful house of Transylvania. She loves torturing young peasants and woman. If you want to show off your dark side, then imitate her and be the apple of the crowd.

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